Thursday, October 21, 2004

New band and stuff

Yup I have a new band I love and going to see them in Cleveland November 6th. Taking Back Sunday is the name of them and I sure hope the lead singer does not pass out drunk during the show! I am going to a wedding this weekend and am sure to have a good time as it is my cool cousins kid that is getting married. I have met the husband guy and he is cool so I am okay with this marriage thing and ready to PARTY! Aww shit I gotta dig out the suit and stuff as leaving this Saturday! what else is new?.... I am buying the house I have been living in for over ten years..about time. The plan is to pay it off in ten years. So being 52 with a house paid for aint that bad. I am still smoking and gotta make that appointment to see doctor about high blood pressure fore I die! Work is hell and I am having work dreams all the time...gotta get work out of my dreams. thats it for now kiddies....VOTE FOR KERRY DAMNIT!


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