Saturday, January 22, 2005


Yes I am still alive and still have a job...even though I am currently 210 dollars in the negative with my checking account!
Yup I fucked up again and forgot about my car insurance coming out and all hell broke loose. Damn the overcharge shit but fuck it as it is my own fault but DAMN!

But I am now making that money back and you may be asking your self HOW?

First you must come to realize that all people are addicts.
Every Damn person is a addict or if too young a future addict.
Once you have that in your mind you are free to exploit that fact.

Then you go to EBAY!

Yes EBAY is the answer if you need money real bad. It is the place where all the addicts go to get their fix.

Instead of the slogan "Do You EBAY?" it could be "Are You a Addict?"


Friday, January 14, 2005

As A Fuck Son..You Sucked!

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

2004 a Year in Review

Well I started out the year in a search for a boyfriend and alas I am single again..oh so what!

Then I found out I had a fulltime job which was good as the job thing is still a part of my life...well if I want to continue eating and not live in the streets.
Losing enough weight that I needed new small size underwear was huge news for my ego!

Going to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs in Cleveland was a blast! I love Karen O!

In April it was off to Nashville and to see Eric and Matt from the old concrete site from way back when cams were fun. I had such a blast there and even had sex with a 25 year old!!!
WOO HOOO! Here is my poster I made for Eric's friends band we saw play!

In May I put my first bumper sticker on my car to show my displeasure with the current court appointed president.

Also in may our flowers bloomed like crazy and our rose bush in front of our front door was kicking ass!

June brought a horrible vacation to Orlando for gay started with my friend picking me up from the airport over a hour late with his X boyfriend and telling me we had to pick his brother up from jail later that day. It all went downhill farther from there!
July brought a canceled Godzilla convention in Chicago and ended up in New Jersey on the beach instead. It was not a horrible at all but even now I wish I could of gone to my Godzilla convention..WAAAAAA.
Then Chu-Toi had to be put to sleep roommates dog and it was another piece of me that died..he was such a fanfuckingtastic dog!
Also in July everything I owned and came into contact with broke, Desktop Computer broke (still broke to this day), Digital Camera broke ( partly fixed but lost the battery to it) , Plane broke ( hey I didn't break it was just my karma that did it) , Car broke ( ended up fixing it for 12 bucks myself ) but I still made it to NYC and saw DEVO with my sister and it was a crazy but fun as hell trip!
September brought me to Alaska on the 7 day cruise and it was cool as hell scenery and saw me some whales..also won a lot and lost at lot at the casino..easy come easy go.

November of course was the election..Can I just say FUCK!
December was the Xmas ice storm that knocked power out to Moms and sisters place and many hundred thousands of others. In fact I just spent 5 hours at my sisters chopping up and hauling away tree limbs from my sisters yard... we still have lots more to do to clean up from the damage.

So 2004 was not a total waste but one that I am glad to have behind me...some other things I would like behind me also BUT that is another story : )