Saturday, January 22, 2005


Yes I am still alive and still have a job...even though I am currently 210 dollars in the negative with my checking account!
Yup I fucked up again and forgot about my car insurance coming out and all hell broke loose. Damn the overcharge shit but fuck it as it is my own fault but DAMN!

But I am now making that money back and you may be asking your self HOW?

First you must come to realize that all people are addicts.
Every Damn person is a addict or if too young a future addict.
Once you have that in your mind you are free to exploit that fact.

Then you go to EBAY!

Yes EBAY is the answer if you need money real bad. It is the place where all the addicts go to get their fix.

Instead of the slogan "Do You EBAY?" it could be "Are You a Addict?"



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