Saturday, February 12, 2005

Mardi Gras lookin back

What happened during Mardi Gras? First I drove into the Right wing heaven and my personal hell. From just outside of Ohio I was instantly transported to Rush Limbaugh and Jerry Falwell territory. I could not hear anything but jesus and right wing rhetoric from Kentucky to the shore of Louisiana. But as I reached New Orleans there was a glimmer of hope and eventually relief. New Orleans is way cool and I have just barley met her. What a alive breathing place it is. Full of so much interesting history it is so fucking unique. Gotta get to know this place some more. So we did Sunday hard and heavy and I loved everyone I met and ended the night munching Daryls Yummy chili. Then me and Daryl talked to who knows when with me trying to give words of drunken wisdom. Monday was a day of rest and damn did I need and two of Daryls friends went to a couple of parades and had a drink at the neighbors restaurant and he is such a sweetheart! Tuesday was get on my makeup and my shitty but I tried costume. I mean it did not totally suck but compared to what I saw it was beyond amateur but fuck it I had fun and even lured a man into naked stuff with me. He was lots of fun and damn if it wasent another place I could easily fall for this guy. But so goes life.... So now I am back home and it is not a bad place to be but much to be desired... but aint it that way for a lot of folks. PEACE!


At 2/13/2005 09:17:00 PM, Blogger durlx said...

You are always welcome here friend!

It was great seeing you again and all my friends liked you a whole lot. I like when that happens...


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