Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Chicago Story

So I decided to go to Chicago at the last minute for a party extravaganza and damn did it turn out to be a bummer. It started when I was in the airport in Columbus at my fave airport bar and a member of a suit and tie white straight club guy used the faggot word describing his look from years ago from a picture he had. He said "we looked like a couple of faggots"..which followed with chuckles from his straight (maybe) asshole fuck suit and tie friends. I wanted to kick all their asses then! I was pissed beyond belief and was trying to think of something to say that would not get me kicked out of the airport or in a fight with 8 straight assholes? Hearing the Faggot word spoke so casually in public just made me wanna kick some ass. So one of the guys said that he was not invited to the wedding that the picture was taken at ( found out it was his first wedding..so much for sacred sacrament of marriage!) and I said " That was good cause the guy was a asshole" and I left the bar before I exploded with 43 years of anger at the assholes of this country I live in. So I was just in a rage of anger before I even left Columbus to go to Chicago. So I did make my plane with out any other trials and had a fabulous meal in a nice food joint in Chicago and enjoyed every bite and ventured out in Boys-town (Halsted) and then stuff got worse. ATTITUDE was all around me and I felt like a alien in what was to be gay central. Roscoe's was pure hell and I hope that all who love this bar burn in hell for the negative energy that exists there. I mean what a piece of shit that place was..I felt like a black man in a KKK rally there..man it sucked beyond imagination. Across the street was Cocktails which was avery nice bar but still I felt lost as was just to nice of a bar but the best I experienced in Chicago. I am just a dumpy ass neighborhood fag bar type person. Now I do not want to trash Cocktails as it was a beautiful bar with a good vibe but I was a stranger there but was the coolest bar in Chicago I have been to. My cell phone did not work in Chicago and I missed meeting up with one of the coolest person I know and I gave up and decided to just head back to the airport and find a hotel to crash as my flight did not leave till 9am...it was midnight at this time. Of course with the bad time I was having the best rate I could find was 119 dollars for a hotel so I was like fuck it I will just crash at the airport. Of course the airport ( Midway) had its air conditioning at 5000 degrees below zero and with the announcement's every 5 minutes I got no sleep and was so happy to finally get on my plane back home. BUT that was not the end! I had my car parked in the garage at the airport in Columbus and had a coupon that was I thought to be just 8 bucks but they said I had to pay 15 dollars because of some fucked up wording on the coupon? I paid the 15 dollars and am gonna get the money back but was glad to be back home. I will be back to Chicago soon but next time will be better prepared. There is no place like home. There is no place like home. Click my heels three times! .

Sunday, April 17, 2005

What a bummer

My bad trip to Chicago

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I am old..medical update

Well it looks like the heart attack is not coming anytime soon as my physical went pretty groovy. Just slightly high on Cholesterol but the last few weeks I have been doing the fast food crap and eating like shit. So I will just be a good boy and just pay attention in the next three weeks and see if I can get it back in the good range..no problem. Oh I also think I have bronchitis right now but had a chest x-ray and all and it should be better soon as on super antibiotics? The weather is much better now and I just heard my first round of multiple gunfire in the air...AHHHH Spring is here! And I was not joking about the gunfire. Oh and I was messing with my camera and took this eerie but cool pic... I was not crying or depressed at the time but it looks like I have just been through hell and back..I just love this pic for some reason?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Now what is it?

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Friday, April 01, 2005

43 and still kickin!

I am 43 today and have found out I am one un-secure emotional mess. I have come to the decision that only the insane are sane and all the rest of us are completely out of our minds. I have found out that too often I talk before I think and just let my thoughts pour out like vomit. Of course that is what I criticize others about. If only I could take my own own advice I give others and put it to use in my own life. I am 43 and still I am stupid as hell. BUT I am willing to try to learn and someday I may at least reach a point where I am happy with myself. You know that is the key to happiness. My Buddhist friend was right when he said the whole do unto to others as you would have done to you stuff is crap. I say love yourself and love life and fucking spread it around is more like it. A toast to life and to ourselves..CHEERS!