Thursday, April 07, 2005

I am old..medical update

Well it looks like the heart attack is not coming anytime soon as my physical went pretty groovy. Just slightly high on Cholesterol but the last few weeks I have been doing the fast food crap and eating like shit. So I will just be a good boy and just pay attention in the next three weeks and see if I can get it back in the good problem. Oh I also think I have bronchitis right now but had a chest x-ray and all and it should be better soon as on super antibiotics? The weather is much better now and I just heard my first round of multiple gunfire in the air...AHHHH Spring is here! And I was not joking about the gunfire. Oh and I was messing with my camera and took this eerie but cool pic... I was not crying or depressed at the time but it looks like I have just been through hell and back..I just love this pic for some reason?


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