Saturday, June 11, 2005

Naw that didnt work..

Well I tried and it did not work but damn if he was not hot! I could go on and how it did not work out but do not want to give out details..guess I am becoming all secret or mature on my site. HELL NO... but it was just another part of my life when I was so blind as not to see the reality of the situation...are all us fags so stupid? Well love is blind as they say and hope is eternal and I guess at 43 and being a old fag hope is all I have left. It would be nice to have a boyfriend/lover again at my ancient age but I guess I have to realize that there aint a chance in hell! But I will fool myself into beliveing it could happen and will keep on hoping and searching. Anyone wanna fuck?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I met a guy named Terry tonight. He was beyond beautiful. He was perfection! I just hope I did not scare him. Was I too forward? Too crazy? Did I put my best foot forward or did I look like a ass? Was I fun and happy or sad and angry? Damn he is so cute and sweet! Never in a long time have I met someone I was so into it hurts damnit! It is silly as I think I have no chance but if I play it right..oh shit I just said play? I did not mean that..I want it bad. I want real love. I hope for it every day. Terry ....Lets try!