Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mfer 119 The Sirius Show

This is my show that played on Sirius radio last week.
Thanks to Madge for playing this show
48:30 of Zillafag can ya stand it!
It is all new and just me talking and ya need to just listen and tell me if it sucked.
Of course the show was played when my whole site was all in transition so I got zero listeners but then podcasting is so a fad that is dying...too bad
I also love that Adam Curry trashed me and I got played on what is his show which is so cool!
Actually he thinks it is not his show but it is part of his company but me being played is what it is all about.
It was a cool thing and even though I see podcasting going to a watery death it has been fun.
So Listen and tell me what ya think.
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